About the Service

We offer monogramming services on all our leather goods as well as on other leather products. The monogramming happens right here, in our store, is free-of-charge when you buy a luggage from us, and the workmanship is guaranteed. You can also order monogrammed luggage tags here.

Since a monogram gives your luggage a personal touch, the monogramms we do are offered in a variety of font sizes, and are pressed in gold, silver or blind embossed lettering. We are very proud to be able to leave our impression on luggage tags and labels for RIMOWA, BRIC’S and TUMI, to mention just a few.

Samples of Monogrammed Luggage Tags


Special Monogramming Services

We also offer monogramming-on-demand services for a variety of products such as wallets, briefcases, portfolios, etc. If you are interested in adding a personal touch to one of your business or travel, please call us at 212-371-5998 for details.